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    • Research impact can be measured in many ways: quantitative approaches include publication counts, amount of research income, no of PhD students, size of research group, no of PI projects, views and downloads of online outputs, number of patents and licenses obtained, and others. • Use of bibliometrics and citation analysis is only one of these quantitative indicators. • The ability to apply it and its importance in the overall assessment of research varies from field to field • Attempts at quantitative measures can be contrasted with the main alternative assessment approach - qualitative peer-review in various forms • The balance between use of bibliometrics and peer-review in assessing academic performance at both the individual and unit levels is currently a “hot topic” being played out locally, nationally and internationally • This section provides an introductory overview of the field - others look in more depth at: the key uses of bibliometrics for journal ranking and individual assessment; the main metrics available; the main data sources and packaged toolkits available
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