DADO – Low-Cost Query Strategies for Deep Active Design Optimization

, , , und . International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Seite 1611--1618. IEEE, (2023)


In this work, we apply deep active learning to the field of design optimization to reduce the number of computationally expensive numerical simulations widely used in industry and engineering. We are interested in optimizing the design of structural components, where a set of parameters describes the shape. If we can predict the performance based on these parameters and consider only the promising candidates for simulation, there is an enormous potential for saving computing power. We present two query strategies for self-optimization to reduce the computational cost in multi-objective design optimization problems. Our proposed methodology provides an intuitive approach that is easy to apply, offers significant improvements over random sampling, and circumvents the need for uncertainty estimation. We evaluate our strategies on a large dataset from the domain of fluid dynamics and introduce two new evaluation metrics to determine the model's performance. Findings from our evaluation highlights the effectiveness of our query strategies in accelerating design optimization. Furthermore, the introduced method is easily transferable to other self-optimization problems in industry and engineering.

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