Overview and Outlook on the Semantic Desktop

, , und . Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on The Semantic Desktop at the ISWC 2005 Conference, Volume 175 von CEUR-WS.org, Seite 1 -- 18. CEUR-WS, (November 2005)


In this paper we will give an overview of the Semantic Desktop paradigm, beginning with the history of the term, a definition, current work and its relevance to knowledge management of the future. Existing applications and research results are listed and their role as building blocks of the future Semantic Desktop described. Based on the analysis of existing systems we propose two software architecture paradigms, one for the Semantic Desktop at large and an other for applications running on a Semantic Desktop. A view on the context aspect of the Semantic Desktop and the Knowledge Management aspect is given. Based on the current events and projects, we give an outlook on the next steps.

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