Ontology learning: state of the art and open issues

. Information Technology and Management 8 (3): 241--252 (2007)


Abstract  Ontology is one of the fundamental cornerstones of the semantic Web. The pervasive use of ontologies in information sharing and knowledge management calls for efficient and effective approaches to ontology development. Ontology learning, which seeks to discover ontological knowledge from various forms of data automatically or semi-automatically, can overcome the bottleneck of ontology acquisition in ontology development. Despite the significant progress in ontology learning research over the past decade, there remain a number of open problems in this field. This paper provides a comprehensive review and discussion of major issues, challenges, and opportunities in ontology learning. We propose a new learning-oriented model for ontology development and a framework for ontology learning. Moreover, we identify and discuss important dimensions for classifying ontology learning approaches and techniques. In light of the impact of domain on choosing ontology learning approaches, we summarize domain characteristics that can facilitate future ontology learning effort. The paper offers a road map and a variety of insights about this fast-growing field.

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