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    Benz, D., Hotho, A., Jäschke, R., Stumme, G., Halle, A., Gerlach Sanches Lima, A., Steenweg, H. & Stefani, S. Academic Publication Management with PUMA – Collect, Organize and Share Publications 2010
    Vol. 6273Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, pp. 417-420 
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    Abstract: The PUMA project fosters the Open Access movement und aims at a better support of the researcher’s publication work. PUMA stands for an integrated solution, where the upload of a publication results automatically in an update of both the personal and institutional homepage, the creation of an entry in a social bookmarking systems like BibSonomy, an entry in the academic reporting system of the university, and its publication in the institutional repository. In this poster, we present the main features of our solution.
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