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    Lakhal, L. & Stumme, G. Efficient Mining of Association Rules Based on Formal Concept Analysis 2005
    Vol. 3626Formal Concept Analysis: Foundations and Applications, pp. 180-195 
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    Abstract: Association rules are a popular knowledge discovery technique for
    rehouse basket analysis. They indicate which items of the
    rehouse are frequently bought together. The problem of association
    le mining has first been stated in 1993. Five years later, several
    search groups discovered that this problem has a strong connection
    Formal Concept Analysis (FCA). In this survey, we will first
    troduce some basic ideas of this connection along a specific
    gorithm, and show how FCA helps in reducing the number
    resulting rules without loss of information, before giving a
    neral overview over the history and state of the art of applying
    A for association rule mining.
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