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    Agarwal, S., Fankhauser, P., Gonzalez-Ollala, J., Hartmann, J., Hollfelder, S., Jameson, A., Klink, S., Lehti, P., Ley, M., Rabbidge, E., Schwarzkopf, E., Shrestha, N., Stojanovic, N., Studer, R., Stumme, G. & Walter, B. Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals 2003
    Vol. 34INFORMATIK 2003 -- Innovative Informatikanwendungen (Band 1), pp. 116-131 
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    Abstract: The paper describes a set of approaches for representing and
    cessing information within a semantically structured information
    rtal, while offering the possibility to integrate own
    formation. It discusses research performed within the project
    emantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals (SemIPort)'.
    particular, it focuses on (1) the development of scalable
    oring, processing and querying methods for semantic data, (2)
    sualization and browsing of complex data inventories, (3)
    rsonalization and agent-based interaction, and (4) the
    hancement of web mining approaches for use within a
    mantics-based portal.
      author = {Agarwal, Sudhir and Fankhauser, Peter and Gonzalez-Ollala, Jorge and Hartmann, Jens and Hollfelder, Silvia and Jameson, Anthony and Klink, Stefan and Lehti, Patrick and Ley, Michael and Rabbidge, Emma and Schwarzkopf, Eric and Shrestha, Nitesh and Stojanovic, Nenad and Studer, Rudi and Stumme, Gerd and Walter, Bernd},
      title = {Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals},
      booktitle = {INFORMATIK 2003 -- Innovative Informatikanwendungen (Band 1)},
      publisher = {Gesellschaft für Informatik},
      year = {2003},
      volume = {34},
      pages = {116-131},
      url = {http://www.kde.cs.uni-kassel.de/stumme/papers/2003/agarwal2003semantic.pdf}

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