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Stumme, G. Conceptual Knowledge Processing (Invited Talk) 2005 Ontologies-based techniques for DataBases and Information Systems   inproceedings URL  
  author = {Stumme, Gerd},
  title = {Conceptual Knowledge Processing (Invited Talk)},
  booktitle = {Ontologies-based techniques for DataBases and Information Systems},
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Cimiano, P., Hotho, A., Stumme, G. & Tane, J. Conceptual Knowledge Processing with Formal Concept Analysis and Ontologies 2004 Concept Lattices   inproceedings URL  
Abstract: Among many other knowledge representations formalisms, Ontologies
d Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) aim at modeling 'concepts'. We
scuss how these two formalisms may complement another from an
plication point of view. In particular, we will see how FCA can
used to support Ontology Engineering, and how ontologies can be
ploited in FCA applications. The interplay of FCA and ontologies
studied along the life cycle of an ontology:
i) FCA can support the building of the ontology as a
earning technique.
ii) The established ontology can be analyzed and navigated by
sing techniques of FCA.
iii) Last but not least, the ontology may be used to improve an FCA
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