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Pasquier, N., Taouil, R., Bastide, Y., Stumme, G. & Lakhal, L. Generating a Condensed Representation for Association Rules 2005 Journal Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS)   article URL  
  author = {Pasquier, Nicolas and Taouil, Rafik and Bastide, Yves and Stumme, Gerd and Lakhal, Lotfi},
  title = {Generating a Condensed Representation for Association Rules},
  journal = {Journal Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS)},
  publisher = {Kluwer Academic Publishers},
  year = {2005},
  volume = {24},
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  pages = {29-60},
  url = {http://www.kde.cs.uni-kassel.de/stumme/papers/2005/pasquier2005generating.pdf}

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