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Li, W., Vu, Q., Chang, E., Agrawal, D., Hara, Y. & Takano, H. PowerBookmarks: A System for Personalizable Web Information Organization 1999 Proceedings of the Eighth International World-Wide Web Conference   inproceedings URL  
Abstract: We extend the notion of bookmark management by introducing the functionali- ties of hypermedia databases. PowerBookmarks is a Web information organization, sharing, and management tool, which parses metadata from bookmarked URLs and uses it to index and classify the URLs. PowerBookmarks supports advanced query, classification, and navigation functionalities on collections of bookmarks. Power- Bookmarks monitors and utilizes users' access patterns to provide many useful per- sonalized services, such as automated URL bookmarking, document refreshing, and bookmark expiration. It also allows users to specify their preference in bookmark management, such as ranking schemes and classification tree structures. Subscrip- tion services for new or updated documents of users' interests are also supported.
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