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Poelmans, J., Ignatov, D., Viaene, S., Dedene, G. & Kuznetsov, S. Text Mining Scientific Papers: A Survey on FCA-Based Information Retrieval Research 2012 Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects Perner, P. (ed.)
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Doerfel, S., Jäschke, R. & Stumme, G. Publication Analysis of the Formal Concept Analysis Community 2012 ICFCA 2012 Domenach, F.; Ignatov, D. & Poelmans, J. (ed.)
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Stumme, G., Taouil, R., Bastide, Y., Pasquier, N. & Lakhal, L. Computing iceberg concept lattices with TITANIC 2002 Data & Knowledge Engineering   article DOIURL  
Jäschke, R. & Rudolph, S. Attribute Exploration on the Web 2013 Contributions to the 11th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis Cellier, P.; Distel, F. & Ganter, B. (ed.)
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