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Recommender Systems Handbook 2011 Recommender Systems Handbook Ricci, F.; Rokach, L.; Shapira, B. & Kantor, P. B. (ed.)
book URL  
Herrera, F., Carmona, C., González, P. & del Jesus, M. An overview on subgroup discovery: foundations and applications 2010 Knowledge and Information Systems   article DOIURL  
Hotho, A., Nürnberger, A. & Paaß, G. A Brief Survey of Text Mining 2005 LDV Forum - GLDV Journal for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology   article URL  
Handbook on Ontologies 2003 Staab, S. & Studer, R. (ed.)
Spinning the Semantic Web: Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential 2002 Fensel, D.; Wahlster, W.; Lieberman, H. & Hendler, J. (ed.)
Höppner, F., Klawonn, F., Kruse, R. & Runkler, T. Fuzzy Cluster Analysis 1999   book  
Jain, A. K., Murty, M. N. & Flynn, P. J. Data Clustering: A Review 1999 ACM Comput. Surv.   article DOIURL  

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