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Douanla-Meli, C. & Langer, E. Ganoderma carocalcareus sp nov., with crumbly-friable context parasite to saprobe on Anthocleista nobilis and its phylogenetic relationship in G-resinaceum group 2009 Mycological Progress   article URL  
Moncalvo, J. M., Nilsson, R. H., Koster, B., Dunham, S. M., Bernauer, T., Matheny, P. B., Porter, T. M., Margaritescu, S., Weiss, M., Garnica, S., Danell, E., Langer, G., Langer, E., Larsson, E., Larsson, K. H. & Vilgalys, R. The cantharelloid clade: dealing with incongruent gene trees and phylogenetic reconstruction methods 2006 Mycologia   article URL  
Binder, M., Hibbett, D. S., Larsson, K. H., Larsson, E., Langer, E. & Langer, G. The phylogenetic distribution of resupinate forms across the major clades of mushroom-forming fungi (Homobasidiomycetes) 2005 Systematics and Biodiversity   article URL  

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