Face-to-Face Contacts at a Conference: Dynamics of Communities and Roles
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A Personality Based Design Approach Using Subgroup Discovery
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, 'Human-Centred Software Engineering', 7623(), Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, 259-266 (2012)
To facilitate user-centered software engineering, developers need an easy to grasp understanding of the user. The use of personas helps to keep specific user needs in mind during the design process. Technology acceptance is of particular interest for the design of innovative applications previously unknown to potential users. Therefore, our research focuses on defining a typology of relevant user characteristics with respect to technology acceptance and transferring those findings to the description of personas. The presented work focuses on the statistical relationship between technology acceptance and personality. We apply sub-group discovery as a statistical tool. Based on the statistically derived subgroups and patterns we define the mentioned personas to help developers to understand different forms of technology acceptance. By integrating the specifically defined personas into existing methods in the field of software engineering the feasibility of the presented approach is demonstrated.
On the Predictability of Human Contacts: Influence Factors and the Strength of Stronger Ties
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