BibSonomy: A Social Bookmark and Publication Sharing System
Hotho, A.; Jäschke, R.; Schmitz, C. & Stumme, G.
de Moor, A.; Polovina, S. & Delugach, H., ed., 'Proceedings of the First Conceptual Structures Tool Interoperability Workshop at the 14th International Conference on Conceptual Structures', Aalborg Universitetsforlag, Aalborg, 87-102 (2006) [pdf]
Social bookmark tools are rapidly emerging on the Web. In suchsystems users are setting up lightweight conceptual structurescalled folksonomies. The reason for their immediate success is thefact that no specific skills are needed for participating. In thispaper we specify a formal model for folksonomies and briefly describe our own system BibSonomy, which allows for sharing both bookmarksand publication references in a kind of personal library.