Ubicon and its Applications for Ubiquitous Social Computing
Atzmueller, M.; Becker, M.; Kibanov, M.; Scholz, C.; Doerfel, S.; Hotho, A.; Macek, B.-E.; Mitzlaff, F.; Mueller, J. & Stumme, G.
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 20(1) 53-77 (2014) [pdf]
The combination of ubiquitous and social computing is an emerging
esearch area which integrates different but complementary methods,
echniques and tools. In this paper, we focus on the Ubicon platform,
ts applications, and a large spectrum of analysis results.

bicon provides an extensible framework for building and hosting applications
argeting both ubiquitous and social environments. We summarize the
rchitecture and exemplify its implementation using four real-world
pplications built on top of Ubicon. In addition, we discuss several
cientific experiments in the context of these applications in order
o give a better picture of the potential of the framework, and discuss
nalysis results using several real-world data sets collected utilizing