IT-Outsourcing und Cloud-Computing : eine Darstellung aus rechtlicher, technischer, wirtschaftlicher und vertraglicher Sicht
Bräutigam, P.; Brandt, A.; Ferstl, M.; Heckmann, D.; Huppertz, P.; Küchler, P.; Langheld, G.; Mahr, H.; Pour Rafsendjani, M.; Rogge, S.; Schorn, M.; Schumacher, P. & Thalhofer, T.
2019, Erich Schmidt, Berlin [pdf]
Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf Kooperationen im Mittelstand : Ergebnisse einer empirischen Studie
Becker, W.; Stradtmann, M. & Kraus, R.
2018, Bamberger betriebswirtschaftliche BeiträgeUnternehmensführung & Controlling - Forschung, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Bamberg
Digitalisierung und Mittelstand : eine Metastudie
Demary, V.; Engels, B.; Röhl, K.-H. & Rusche, C.
[2016], IW-Analysen Nr. 109, Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Medien GmbH, Köln [pdf]
Smart Bioenergy : Technologies and Concepts for a More Flexible Bioenergy Provision in Future Energy Systems
Thrän, D.
Smart Bioenergy : Technologies and Concepts for a More Flexible Bioenergy Provision in Future Energy Systems(2015)
Biomass is a vital source of renewable energy, because it offers a wide range of established and potential methods for energy generation. It is also an important facet of the progression toward a sustainable energy future. The need for further development in the provision of bioenergy is underlined by challenges affecting the biomass resource base, including rising demand for biomass for food, feed, materials and fuel. This is underlined by significant concerns over factors relating to land, such as soil, nutrients and biodiversity. This book examines and analyzes Germany's decade-long initiative toward implementation of an active policy for the transition of the energy system to make greater use of renewable energy sources, which has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of biomass used for electricity, heat and transport fuel. The book begins with a review of market and resource base issues and moves on to analyze the technical options for a more integrated bioenergy use. The analysis spans the entire bioenergy provision chain including solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels. A case study offers a detailed model of the effects of smart biomass energy on the German energy system. The book closes with a view of the most promising fields and an appraisal of needed elements for a successful transition.
Die klassische chinesische Mythologie
Münke, W.
1976, Klett, Stuttgart