Join a group with the same reading interests#

The group concept in PUMA allows you to easily meet people with the same reading interests. On this page you will find brief instructions for all group functions and tips on how to work more efficiently with groups. The following questions are answered:

  • How to find out what other group members have read?
  • Which person in the group knows a publication and can provide information?
  • What do others think about a publication/article?
  • How do I recommend good articles to colleagues or warn them of bad articles?
  • How to make your own comments on a publication so that others can respond to them?

Search for a group and join it#

  1. Click on "groups" in the main menu - a menu will be displayed.
  2. Select "all groups" in the menu.
  3. You see all groups and some information about the group (name and description) in the first column.
  4. The last column (which you only can see when you are logged in to PUMA) shows the button "join" for each group. Click on the corresponding "join" button to apply for membership.
  5. In the field "reason", enter some text where you describe why you want to join this group (this information will be read by the group admin).
  6. Enter the displayed captcha text in the field provided so we can make sure that you are not a machine/robot.
  7. Finally, click on "Send Data".
  8. The group administrator receives a message that you want to be a member of his group. So it's important to write a good explanation why you want to join. Only the group administrator can decide whether you will be accepted to the group or not.

Create a new group#

Goal: This guide shows you how you can create a new group.

  1. Click on "groups" in the main menu - a menu appears.
  2. Select "create new group".
  3. Fill out the form. It's important to describe the purpose of the new group in the field "reason for request". This is because our administrators will check each group request manually to prevent spam groups.
  4. Finally click on "request group".
  5. The administrators will check your group request. You will receive an email after our administrators accepted your request.

Group functions#

In this chapter, you can find the group functions that are provided in PUMA.

Requierement: For the following instructions you must be a member of at least one group.

Share bookmarks/publications with the group#

In the dialogue "Edit your publication/bookmark post" which appears when you add or edit a (new) bookmark/publication, you have the ability to share the entry with several groups/friends.

  1. Under "post visibility", choose the option "other".
  2. Choose the group you want to share the publication/bookmark with.
  3. Click on "save" at the end of the page.