Import Bookmarks from other services or tools#

You can import a batch of bookmarks at once (instead of adding each bookmark individually). This might be relevant to include bookmarks from existing collections, e.g. from another bookmarking service or from your browser bookmarks. In the following we list services with short instructions how to import bookmarks from them.


You can import your bookmarks at the imports page. In order to do this, you have to enter your Delicious account information. In case you want to import your bookmarks, choose the corresponding option. Along with your bookmarks the corresponding tags and visibility definitions will be imported (you can find further information on visibility here).

You can also have your tag bundles be imported as relations within PUMA by choosing the other option.


You can export your bookmarks in your webbrowser into an HTML file and then import this HTML file into PUMA.


Using Firefox, you can export bookmarks into an HTML file by clicking on the menue on the right, choosing Bookmarks and then clicking on Bookmark manager. There, click on Organize and finally on Export bookmarks to HTML file....


Using Firefox, you can export bookmarks into an HTML file by clicking on the bookmarks symbol next to the search bar and then clicking on show all bookmarks. Next, you have to choose Import and Backup where you can click on Export Bookmarks to HTML....

Import an HTML file into PUMA#

Stored HTML files can be imported into PUMA by clicking on settings on the right-hand side on the main page, then clicking on imports. In the upper section of this tab, you can upload the exported HTML file which you just exported from your browser. You can also define whether the imported bookmarks should be viewable by all users or just you (find further information on visibility here).