Discovery Service#

Many libraries in Germany use Resource Discovery Services (RDS) for inventory management. BibSonomy/PUMA provides a direct RDS interface and is supported by mostly all university libraries in Hessen (HeBIS-Verbund).

Here is a list with the libraries that certainly support BibSonomy/PUMA:

You may ask your library to find out if BibSonomy/PUMA is supported. The following instructions describe how you can store publications from the library catalogue directly in your bibliography in BibSonomy/PUMA.

  1. Use the library's HeBIS interface to find a publication. In this example publications about "textmining" are searched.
  2. Click on "remind" or "send to". If a menu appears, choose PUMA (some libraries don't provide a menu but proceed directly to the next step).
  3. Fill out the form and click on "save". The entry will be saved in PUMA under publications.