In-plane magnetic pattern separation in NiFe/NiO and Co/NiO exchange biased bilayers investigated by magnetic force microscopy
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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 280 (2-3): 369 - 376 (2004)

Ion bombardment induced magnetic patterning (IBMP) was used to write in-plane magnetized micro and submicron patterns in exchange biased magnetic bilayers, where the magnetization directions of the adjacent patterns are antiparallel to each other in remanence. These magnetic patterns were investigated by non-contact magnetic force microscopy (MFM). It is shown that the recorded MFM images of the IBMP patterns in two exemplarily chosen standard layer systems (NiFe (4.8 nm)/NiO (68 nm) and Co (4.8 nm)/NiO (68 nm)) can be well described by a model within the point-dipole approximation for the tip magnetization. For 5 and 0.9 mum wide bar patterns the domain wall widths between adjacent magnetically patterned areas were determined to aapproximate1 mum. The minimum magnetically stable pattern width was estimated to be 0.7 mum in the standard system Co (4.8 nm)/NiO (68 nm).
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