Applying Formal Concept Analysis to Description Logics.
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Concept Lattices, Volume 2961 von Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Seite 261--286. Berlin/Heidelberg, Springer, (2004)

Given a finite set $C := \ C_1, łdots, C_n\$ of description logic concepts, we are interested in computing the subsumption hierarchy of all least common subsumers of subsets of $C$ as well as the hierarchy of all conjunctions of subsets of $C$. These hierarchies can be used to support the bottom-up construction of description logic knowledge bases. The point is to compute the first hierarchy without having to compute the least common subsumer for all subsets of $C$, and the second hierarchy without having to check all possible pairs of such conjunctions explicitly for subsumption. We will show that methods from formal concept analysis developed for computing concept lattices can be employed for this purpose.
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