ASTERIX: an open source system for "Big Data" management and analysis (demo)
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Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 5 (12): 1898--1901 (August 2012)

At UC Irvine, we are building a next generation parallel database system, called ASTERIX, as our approach to addressing today's "Big Data" management challenges. ASTERIX aims to combine time-tested principles from parallel database systems with those of the Web-scale computing community, such as fault tolerance for long running jobs. In this demo, we present a whirlwind tour of ASTERIX, highlighting a few of its key features. We will demonstrate examples of our data definition language to model semi-structured data, and examples of interesting queries using our declarative query language. In particular, we will show the capabilities of ASTERIX for answering geo-spatial queries and fuzzy queries, as well as ASTERIX' data feed construct for continuously ingesting data.
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