Improving Tag-Based Recommendation by Topic Diversification
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Advances in Information Retrieval, Volume 6611 von Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, (2011)

Collaborative tagging has emerged as a mechanism to describe items in large on-line collections. Tags are assigned by users to describe and find back items, but it is also tempting to describe the users in terms of the tags they assign or in terms of the tags of the items they are interested in. The tag-based profile thus obtained can be used to recommend new items. If we recommend new items by computing their similarity to the user profile or to all items seen by the user, we run into the risk of recommending only neutral items that are a bit relevant for each topic a user is interested in. In order to increase user satisfaction many recommender systems not only optimize for accuracy but also for diversity. Often it is assumed that there exists a trade-off between accuracy and diversity. In this paper we introduce topic aware recommendation algorithms. Topic aware algorithms first detect different interests in the user profile and then generate recommendations for each of these interests. We study topic aware variants of three tag based recommendation algorithms and show that each of them gives better recommendations than their base variants, both in terms of precision and recall and in terms of diversity.
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