HERAUSFORDERUNG BIBLIOTHEK 2.0: Chancen und Risiken für Verbundkataloge durch die Anreicherung mit Web 2.0-Konzepten
University of Applied Sciences Campus02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft Graz (Austria), (Januar 2009)

Web 2.0, the social, interactive and user-oriented web, is an integral component of current web applications. In the context of Library 2.0-motivated service developments, some libraries already have implemented such features in their local online library catalogues. However, many library associations and library service centres that provide union catalogues seem to be reluctant to keep pace with these developments. This thesis gives an overview of existing union catalogues in the German-speaking language area that already use Web 2.0 features. Furthermore, it identifies opportunities and risks when implementing Web 2.0 concepts in a union catalogue based on a market-analysis and in-depth interviews with experts for library systems and union catalogues. The empirical study of this thesis also contains an evaluation of the existing union catalogue of the umbrella organisation of public libraries in Austria, called ?B?chereiverband ?sterreichs? (BV?). The result of this thesis includes that providers of union catalogues are aware of the relevance of the new technologies as additional features to improve the usability of union catalogues and to enrich bibliographic data with supplementary content. Still, the implementation of web 2.0 services seems to be hesitant within the German-speaking countries. The main task of union catalogues is still to provide easy and fast access to bibliographic data but web 2.0 concepts will be an important add-on in the future.
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