Biodiversity and ecology of species of aquatic oomycetes in the Aue Lake and the River Fulda in Kassel (Hessen)
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Acta Hydrochimica Et Hydrobiologica 33 (2): 157-164 (Juni 2005)

In this study, we record diversity and ecology of aquatic Oomycetes in the Aue Lake and the river Fulda in Kassel (Hesse, Germany). We monthly collected water samples of both water bodies from July 2003 to June 2004. The baiting method was used to gain an insight into the occurrence of aquatic Oomycetes. A total of 14 species of aquatic Oomycetes belonging to the orders Saprolegniales, Leptomitales and Olpidiopsidales could be isolated of both water bodies. Numerous saprophytic isolates of Rhizophydium Schenk (Chytridiomycetes), Rhizophydium carpophilum (Zopf) Fischer, parasitic on Oomycetes, and additionally one species of Plasmodiophoromycetes, Woronina polycystis Cornu could be isolated. Many isolates of Saprolegniales attributable to the genera Achlya Nees, Dictyuchus Leitgeb, Saprolegnia Nees and Pythium Pringsheim (Pythiales), which could only be identified on generic level, could be isolated as well. The species were examined and discussed with respect to their occurrence in the stagnant water Aue Lake and/or in the running water of the river Fulda. Half of the isolated species only occurred in one of the water bodies. In this study the occurrence of Achlya proliferoides Coker could be documented for Germany for the first time. The trophic status of the Aue Lake and of the classification of water quality of the river Fulda were determined by limnological-chemical parameters obtained by simultaneous investigations of both water bodies.
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