On Text Mining Algorithms for Automated Maintenance of Hierarchical Knowledge Directory
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management (KSEM'06), Volume 4092 von Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Seite 202-214. Berlin, Germany, Springer, (August 2006)

This paper presents a series of text-mining algorithms for managing knowledge directory, which is one of the most crucial problems in constructing knowledge management systems today. In future systems, the constructed directory, in which knowledge objects are automatically classified, should evolve so as to provide a good indexing service, as the knowledge collection grows or its usage changes. One challenging issue is how to combine manual and automatic organization facilities that enable a user to flexibly organize obtained knowledge by the hierarchical structure over time. To this end, I propose three algorithms that utilize text mining technologies: semi-supervised classification, semi-supervised clustering, and automatic directory building. Through experiments using controlled document collections, the proposed approach is shown to significantly support hierarchical organization of large electronic knowledge base with minimal human effort
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