Supporting Collaborative Hierarchical Classification: Bookmarks as an Example

, , und . Special Issue of the Computer Networks journal on Innovations in Web Communications Infrastructure 51 (16): 4574--4585 (2007)


Bookmarks (or favorites, hotlists) are popular strategies to relocate interesting websites on the WWW by creating a personalized URL repository. Most current browsers offer a facility to locally store and manage bookmarks in a hierarchy of folders; though, with growing size, users reportedly have trouble to create and maintain a stable organization structure. This paper presents a novel collaborative approach to ease bookmark management, especially the “classification�? of new bookmarks into a folder. We propose a methodology to realize the collaborative classification idea of considering how similar users have classified a bookmark. A combination of nearest-neighbor-classifiers is used to derive a recommendation from similar users on where to store a new bookmark. A prototype system called CariBo has been implemented as a plugin for the central bookmark server software SiteBar. All findings have been evaluated on a reasonably large scale, real user dataset with promising results, and possible implications for shared and social bookmarking systems are discussed.

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