Seasonal occurrence of species of Saprolegniales and Leptomitales in Lake Aue and the River Fulda in Kassel (Hesse) with special consideration of fish pathogenic species

, und . Acta Hydrochimica Et Hydrobiologica 33 (6): 622-634 (Dezember 2005)


In this study, we examined the occurrence of species of aquatic Oomycetes of Saprolegniales und Leptomitales in Lake Aue and the river Fulda in Kassel (Hesse, Germany) with special consideration of fish pathogenic species. We monthly collected water samples of both water bodies from July 2003 to June 2004. The baiting method was used to gain an insight into the specific seasonal occurrence of aquatic Oomycetes. Some species show a seasonal periodicity. Nine of 11 species of Saprolegniales isolated from the two water bodies, and Leptomitus lacteus (Roth) C. Agardh, one of the two species of Leptomitales, were already documented on fish according to references. Additionally, 7 of 10 species could according to references already be detected on fish species present in the two water bodies. Simultaneous measurements of limnological-chemical parameters were done during the sampling of water for the isolation of aquatic Oomycetes. The results of some measurements, concerning the river Fulda, were additionally compared with the predetermined guideline values and limit values of water bodies of fish of the "Cyprinid region".

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