Evaluating Cooperation in Communities with the k-Core Structure

, , und . Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2011 International Conference on, Seite 87-93. (2011)


Community sub graphs are characterized by dense connections or interactions among its nodes. Community detection and evaluation is an important task in graph mining. A variety of measures have been proposed to evaluate the quality of such communities. In this paper, we evaluate communities based on the k-core concept, as means of evaluating their collaborative nature - a property not captured by the single node metrics or by the established community evaluation metrics. Based on the k-core, which essentially measures the robustness of a community under degeneracy, we extend it to weighted graphs, devising a novel concept of k-cores on weighted graphs. We applied the k-core approach on large real world graphs - such as DBLP and report interesting results.


IEEE Xplore - Evaluating Cooperation in Communities with the k-Core Structure

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