Citation Classification and its Applications

, , und . Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Management, Seite 287--298. World Scientific Publishing, (Oktober 2005)


Citation analysis has been used to study various aspects of scholarly communication. In general, these studies have not differentiated among the multiple reasons for citations. However, authors cite other works for a number of reasons including demonstrating knowledge of the field, establishing the placement of the citing work in the field, comparing and criticizing other works, and paying homage to seminal work by pioneers in the field. In this paper, we present a number of applications in which distinguishing among authors' motivations for citations might be useful and present a machine learning approach to automatically classifying citations according to these motivations. Our approach to citation classification makes use of the structure and the argumentative nature of the scientific papers. We present the results of experiments we ran on papers in the computer science field. The results are encouraging and give us hope that we can use our citation classifier in analyzing large corpora of scientific papers.

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