A Case Study on Emergent Semantics in Communities

. Proceedings of the Workshop on Social Network Analysis, International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), (November 2005)


This paper delivers a case study on the properties of meta- data provided by a folksonomy. We provide the background about folk- sonomies and discuss to which extend the process of creating meta-data in a folksonomy is related to the idea of emergent semantics as defined by the IFIP 2.6 Working Group on Data Semantics. We conduct exper- iments to analyse the meta-data provided by the del.icio.us folksonomy and to develop a method for selecting subsets of meta-data that adhere to the principle of interest-based locality, which was originally observed in peer-to-peer environments. In addition, we compare data provided by del.icio.us to data provided by the DMOZ taxonomy.

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