Hypochnella verrucospora (Basidiomycota, Atheliales), a neotropical new species with ornamented basidiospores

, , , und . Mycologia 102 (5): 1158-1162 (September 2010)


Hypochnella verrucospora sp. nov. is described and illustrated from material collected in Brazil and Argentina. The new species is characterized by dark purplish, violaceous to dark lilaceous, resupinate and membranous basidiomes and ellipsoid to subcylindrical, pale brown, slightly thick-walled, amyloid and delicately ornamented basidiospores. The monotypic genus Hypochnella was represented so far by H. violacea, which is distinctly characterized by smooth basidiospores, and is restricted to temperate regions in the northern hemisphere, whereas H. verrucospora seems to be Neotropical. Morphological comparison of the two species and a discussion of the genus description of Hypochnella are provided.

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