Poroid Hymenochaetaceae from Guineo–Congolian rainforest: Phellinus gabonensis sp. nov. from Gabon – taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships

, , , und . Mycological Progress (2011)


Phellinus gabonensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated on the basis of several collections made in three protected areas of primary rain forest in the western edge of the Guineo–Congolian center of endemism, in Gabon. The species is characterized by resupinate, perennial basidiomes, numerous, straight to commonly apically hooked hymenial setae, and ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid, thin- to thick-walled, hyaline to yellowish basidiospores. Both the morphology and the phylogenetic inferences based on partial nuc-LSU relate this species to Ph. caribaeo-quercicolus.

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