Abstract. This survey reviews the research related to PageRank computing. Components of a PageRank vector serve as authority weights for web pages independent of their textual content, solely based on the hyperlink structure of the web. PageRank is typically used as a web search ranking component. This defines the importance of the model and the data structures that underly PageRank processing. Computing even a single PageRank is a difficult computational task. Computing many PageRanks is a much more complex challenge. Recently, significant effort has been invested in building sets of personalized PageRank vectors. PageRank is also used in many diverse applications other than ranking. We are interested in the theoretical foundations of the PageRank formulation, in the acceleration of PageRank computing, in the effects of particular aspects of web graph structure on the optimal organization of computations, and in PageRank stability. We also review alternative models that lead to authority indices similar to PageRank and the role of such indices in applications other than web search. We also discuss linkbased search personalization and outline some aspects of PageRank infrastructure from associated measures of convergence to link preprocessing. 1.


A survey on pagerank computing

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