A Generic Platform for Ubiquitous and Subjective Data

, , , und . 1st International Workshop on Pervasive Urban Crowdsensing Architecture and Applications, PUCAA 2013, Zurich, Switzerland -- September 9, 2013. Proceedings, Seite 1175--1182. New York, NY, USA, ACM, (2013)


An increasing number of platforms like Xively or ThingSpeak are available to manage ubiquitous sensor data enabling the Internet of Things. Strict data formats allow interoperability and informative visualizations, supporting the development of custom user applications. Yet, these strict data formats as well as the common feed-centric approach limit the flexibility of these platforms. We aim at providing a concept that supports data ranging from text-based formats like JSON to images and video footage. Furthermore, we introduce the concept of extensions, which allows to enrich existing data points with additional information, thus, taking a data point centric approach. This enables us to gain semantic and user specific context by attaching subjective data to objective values. This paper provides an overview of our architecture including concept, implementation details and present applications. We distinguish our approach from several other systems and describe two sensing applications namely AirProbe and WideNoise that were implemented for our platform.

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