Situational reasoning for task-oriented mobile service recommendation

, , , und . The Knowledge Engineering Review 23 (Special Issue 01): 7--19 (Februar 2008)


We study the case of integrating situational reasoning into a mobile service recommendation system. Since mobile Internet services are rapidly proliferating, finding and using appropriate services require profound service descriptions. As a consequence, for average mobile users it is nowadays virtually impossible to find the most appropriate service among the many offered. To overcome these difficulties, task navigation systems have been proposed to guide users towards best-fitting services. Our goal is to improve the user experience of such task navigation systems making them context-aware (i.e. to optimize service navigation by taking the user's situation into account). We propose the integration of a situational reasoning engine that applies classification-based inference to qualitative context elements, gathered from multiple sources and represented using ontologies. The extended task navigator enables the delivery of situation-aware recommendations in a proactive way. Initial experiments with the extended system indicate a considerable improvement of the navigator's usability.

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