Sensor data is objective. But when measuring our environment, measured values are contrasted with our perception, which is always subjective. This makes interpreting sensor measurements difficult for a single person in her personal environment. In this context, the EveryAware projects directly connects the concepts of objective sensor data with subjective impressions and perceptions by providing a collective sensing platform with several client applications allowing to explicitly associate those two data types. The goal is to provide the user with personalized feedback, a characterization of the global as well as her personal environment, and enable her to position her perceptions in this global context. In this poster we summarize the collected data of two EveryAware applications, namely WideNoise for noise measurements and AirProbe for participatory air quality sensing. Basic insights are presented including user activity, learning processes and sensor data to perception correlations. These results provide an outlook on how this data can further be used to understand the connection between sensor data and perceptions.

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