Mathematical Modeling of Social Games

, , und . Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, CSE '09, 4, Seite 1205--1210. (August 2009)


Human computation is a technique that makes use of human abilities for computation to solve problems. Social games use the power of the Internet game players to solve human computation problems. In previous works, many social games were proposed and were quite successful, but no formal framework exists for designing social games in general. A formal framework is important because it lists out the design elements of a social game, the characteristics of a human computation problem, and their relationships. With a formal framework, it simplifies the way to design a social game for a specific problem. In this paper, our contributions are: (1) formulate a formal model on social games, (2) analyze the framework and derive some interesting properties based on model's interactions, (3) illustrate how some current social games can be realized with the proposed formal model, and (4) describe how to design a social game for solving a specific problem with the use of the proposed formal model. This paper presents a set of design guidelines derived from the formal model and demonstrates that the model can help to design a social game for solving a specific problem in a formal and structural way.

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