Contents: Preface. Introduction/Rajen Harshe. 1. Globalisation and the security problematic of 'evolving' states in the developing world/A.P. Rana. 2. Globalisation: opportunity or risk?/Andrei Volodin. 3. Globalisation and changing notions/practices of boundaries in international relations/Rajen Harshe. 4. Theorising transitions: post-coloniality, post-socialism and the coming age of globalisation/Bhupinder Brar. 5. Teilhardian vision of ä world that encloses itself" as a conceptual pattern for globalisation/Mikhail Ilyin. 6. Civil society activism in the age of globalisation/Sudha Mohan. 7. Perspectives on international economy, regional economic cooperation and SAARC/Arif A. Waqif. 8. Glocalisation and the Indian nation-state: a millennial challenge/B. Ramesh Babu. 9. Role of the state in an era of globalisation/Prakash Sarangi. 10. Globalisation and Russia's regions: the economic and social aspects/Grigory Marchenko. 11. Regional identity in contemporary Russia in the era of globalisation/Elena Meleshkina. 12. India's federal experience in the North-Eastern states and globalisation: an overview/Sudhir Jacob George. 13. Food production as a strategy of globalisation of the Russian economy/Alexander V. Akimov. Index. "This volume brings together fresh perspectives from Indian and Russian scholars as they interpret the relationship between globalisation and international relations. By anchoring their analyses round the changing status of the nation-state, the contributors unravel a mélange of complex, mutually contradictory and multiple social processes that operate, simultaneously, at the national, regional and transnational levels in a globalising world. In the process, they unveil and reflect on the uneasy co-existence of the movements towards global integration through communication networks, finance, technologies and trade with the contrary trends towards disintegration built round the resurgence of local issues and regional identities that undermine the very existence of the nation-state. On a broad canvas of inquiry, the contributors handle significant themes concerning security, civil society, international trade, regional cooperation, regional identities and capitalism to untangle the relationship between globalisation and international relations." (jacket)

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