Aufgabenanalysen in der Vorfeldkontrolle und Disposition auf Verkehrsflughäfen: (Bremen 1998)
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Anthropotechnik gestern - heute - morgen, Volume 40 von Fachausschusssitzung Anthropotechnik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V, DGLR, (1998)

Task Analyses provide the basics to understand the work of other people. We started task analyses in different coal-fired power plants during project GRADIENT. In interviews, based on carefully elaborated questionnaires, we asked operators about different states of the plant, typical problems within each state and the knowledge necessary to resolve those problems. The whole task analysis was oriented along system states. When the software development methodology DIADEM guides interface development, users, ergonomists, and specifiers work together on a task analysis. A static view on the task gives the task graph as an inventory of sub-goals the user needs to achieve. Other formal descriptions centre on interaction between user and system. Thus, the task analysis becomes more user-oriented. A currently ongoing project evaluates support for co-operative work in airport ground operation. The project started with task analyses in apron operations offices on two German medium-size airports. The main tasks of the apron operation offices are management of equipment and resources, apron control, and event recording. It co-ordinates all activities on the apron taking into account the flight schedule, special request of airport customers, and safety requirements. A group of operators works together, each of them able to work on all different subtasks. The work is characterised by information exchange, using telephone lines and radio links and access to databases of flight schedules and recorded events. Hence, the task analysis concentrated on information flow and information needs.
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