User Feedback as a First Class Citizen in Information Integration Systems
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Proceedings of the Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR), Seite 175--183. (2011)

User feedback is gaining momentum as a means of addressing the difficulties underlying information integration tasks. It can be used to assist users in building information integration systems and to improve the quality of existing systems, e.g., in dataspaces. Existing proposals in the area are confined to specific integration sub-problems considering a specific kind of feedback sought, in most cases, from a single user. We argue in this paper that, in order to maximize the benefits that can be drawn from user feedback, it should be considered and managed as a first class citizen. Accordingly, we present generic operations that underpin the management of feedback within information integration systems, and that are applicable to feedback of different kinds, potentially supplied by multiple users with different expectations. We present preliminary solutions that can be adopted for realizing such operations, and sketch a research agenda for the information integration community.
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