Development and implementation of an extended use case in the scale factory $\mu$Plant

. FG Mess- und Regelungstechnik, Universität Kassel, Internship, (August 2016)


This report describes the design of a heuristic algorithm using a simulation on MATLAB®/Simulink® to successfully steer a crane model based on an experimental system which is the “The Loading Bridge PC60”. This work will be principally used for didactic purposes in order to carry out some practical works for the students. Two different models of the crane, a simplified and a complex one, were developed to obtain a simulation on MATLAB® /Simulink® . So that, it is possible to collect some necessary data to implement the heuristic algorithm. For the simplified model, the physical laws of mechanics were applied to deduce the mathematical model. However, for the complex model of the crane, a complete simulation on SimMechanics® , a extended software of MATLAB® /Simulink®, was designed. The main parameters of the used models are defined in order to fit the real system’s ones. A summary of the tests carried out on both models so as to validate them is detailed in this report. Based on the results achieved, a first heuristic algorithm is designed using the Least Mean Square (LMS) approximation to seek for the optimal steering functions.

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