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Pereira Nunes, B., Kawase, R., Dietze, S., Taibi, D., Casanova, M. A. & Nejdl, W. Can Entities be Friends? 2012 Proceedings of the Web of Linked Entities Workshop in conjuction with the 11th International Semantic Web Conference Rizzo, G.; Mendes, P.; Charton, E.; Hellmann, S. & Kalyanpur, A. (ed.)
inproceedings URL  
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Mitzlaff, F., Benz, D., Stumme, G. & Hotho, A. Visit me, click me, be my friend: an analysis of evidence networks of user relationships in BibSonomy 2010 HT '10: Proceedings of the 21st ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia   inproceedings DOIURL  
Voss, J., Hotho, A. & Jäschke, R. Mapping Bibliographic Records with Bibliographic Hash Keys 2009 Information: Droge, Ware oder Commons? Kuhlen, R. (ed.)
inproceedings URL  
Java, A., Joshi, A. & Finin, T. Detecting Commmunities via Simultaneous Clustering of Graphs and Folksonomies 2008 WebKDD 2008 Workshop on Web Mining and Web Usage Analysis   inproceedings  
Barber, M. J. Modularity and community detection in bipartite networks 2007 Physical Review E   article DOIURL  
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Jäschke, R., Hotho, A., Schmitz, C. & Stumme, G. Wege zur Entdeckung von Communities in Folksonomies 2006 Proc. 18. Workshop Grundlagen von Datenbanken Braß, S. & Hinneburg, A. (ed.)
inproceedings URL  
Aggarwal, C. C. & Yu, P. S. Online Analysis of Community Evolution in Data Streams. 2005 SDM   inproceedings URL  
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Kubica, J. M., Moore, A. & Schneider, J. K-groups: Tractable Group Detection on Large Link Data Sets 2003   techreport URL  
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Tejada, S., Knoblock, C. A. & Minton, S. Learning object identification rules for information integration 2001 Information Systems   article DOIURL  

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