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Borys, B.-B. Ein Cockpit-Mockup zur Evaluierung auditiver Flugführungsanzeigen (A Cockpit Mockup for the Evaluation of Auditory Flight Instruments) 2008 i-com   article URL  
Borys, B.-B. Microsoft's Flight Simulator and DirectX to Drive Auditory Displays in a Cockpit Mockup: Poster: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting (Braunschweig 2007) 2007   misc  
Borys, B.-B. Evaluation of auditory displays supporting aircraft approach and landing 2004 Automated systems based on human skill and knowledge 2003 Stahre, J. & Mårtenson, L. (ed.)
inproceedings URL  
Borys, B.-B. Hardware, Software, and Experiments for Auditory Displays 2001 Human Decision Making and Manual Control Lind, M. (ed.)

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