Help for beginners#

PUMA - Basic functions#

PUMA is a free service to manage your bibliographic references and publication. In addition, PUMA allows you and your teammates to work collaborative (e.g. exchange bookmarks). This page shows you all basic functions of PUMA.

Sprache ändern (Englisch / Deutsch) / Change Language (german / english)#

Um die Sprache von Englisch (EN) auf Deutsch (DE) zu ändern, klicken Sie auf der Webseite oben rechts auf das Symbol:
( en / de / ru )
To change the language from German (DE) to English (EN) - click on the symbol (EN) at the right upper corner:
( en / de / ru )

Unlock your library card for PUMA-Service#

To use PUMA, you only need to unlock your library card for PUMA-Service. The following instructions shows you how-to use your library card for authentication.

The basic functions of PUMA#

Here you will find quick and easy explanations for everyday problems that you can do in an instant with PUMA.
You want to get more out of PUMA?
Than you need to change to the helppages for advanced users.
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Press Distribution#

Information for media representatives and other interested parties to PUMA:

Ask the developers of PUMA#

You need help? You have questions about PUMA? You need a special feature or you have an idea for improvement? - Contact us... here are our contact data.

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