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[{$jspwiki.projname}] supports you purposeful and easy at your daily business with publications, lists of publications, and bookmarks.

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|(width:230px; padding:5px;)Here you will find answers to the basic questions that everyone has. For example: how do I sign up? Where do I find a publication? How can I bookmark / manage publications?\\[Show me the helpfile for beginners.|MainBeginner] |(width:230px; padding:5px;) You want to get more out of {$jspwiki.projname}? - The then the help for advanced users is the perfect place for you. Find out how to use {$jspwiki.projname} as a social bookmark system or how to search for publications with more precision (advanced search). \\ [Show me the advanced stuff.|MainAdvanced]|(width:230px; padding:5px;) You need information to integrate {$jspwiki.projname} into your software or into your website? [The developer help provides more information|MainDeveloper]

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[Zur Hilfe für Softwareentwickler wechseln.|MainEntwickler]

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Forschen Sie an Themen im Umfeld von Tagging-Systemen? Dann werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Freiverfügbaren Datensätze.\\[Zur Hilfe für Softwareentwickler und Forscher wechseln.|MainEntwickler]