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    Lack of Liquidity and Financing Possibilities for Agricultural Family Farms in Azerbaijan: The Example of Mountain Grazing Systems in the Region of Gandja-Gasach. Tropentag 2008: Competition for Resources in a Changing World: New Drive for Rural Development, Book of Abstracts . editor(s) Tielkes, Eric. 66, Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen, Göttingen, Year 2008.
    The economic performance of transhumant sheep farming in Azerbaijan and prospects for its future development. In South Caucasian Annals of Agrarian Science, editor(s) of Agrarian Science, South Caucasian Annals. (7) 4: 153-157, Year 2009.
    Profitability of transhumance farms and improvement possibility by cooperation.. Adoption of innovation technologies and forms of international collaboration in agrarian education. International Conference’s Reports . 32-33, Azerbaijan State Agriculture University, Year 2010.