Context-aware citation recommendation
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Proceedings of the 19th international conference on World wide web, Seite 421--430. New York, NY, USA, ACM, (2010)

When you write papers, how many times do you want to make some citations at a place but you are not sure which papers to cite? Do you wish to have a recommendation system which can recommend a small number of good candidates for every place that you want to make some citations? In this paper, we present our initiative of building a context-aware citation recommendation system. High quality citation recommendation is challenging: not only should the citations recommended be relevant to the paper under composition, but also should match the local contexts of the places citations are made. Moreover, it is far from trivial to model how the topic of the whole paper and the contexts of the citation places should affect the selection and ranking of citations. To tackle the problem, we develop a context-aware approach. The core idea is to design a novel non-parametric probabilistic model which can measure the context-based relevance between a citation context and a document. Our approach can recommend citations for a context effectively. Moreover, it can recommend a set of citations for a paper with high quality. We implement a prototype system in CiteSeerX. An extensive empirical evaluation in the CiteSeerX digital library against many baselines demonstrates the effectiveness and the scalability of our approach.
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