Indexing and retrieval of scientific literature

, , und . Proceedings of the eighth international conference on Information and knowledge management, Seite 139--146. New York, NY, USA, ACM, (1999)


<par>The web has greatly improved access to scientific literature. However, scientific articles on the web are largely disorganized, with research articles being spread across archive sites, institution sites, journal sites, and researcher homepages. No index covers all of the available literature, and the major web search engines typically do not index the content of Postscript/PDF documents at all. This paper discusses the creation of digital libraries of scientific literature on the web, including the efficient location of articles, full-text indexing of the articles, autonomous citation indexing, information extraction, display of query-sensitive summaries and citation context, hubs and authorities computation, similar document detection, user profiling, distributed error correction, graph analysis, and detection of overlapping documents. The software for the system is available at no cost for non-commercial use.</par>

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